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Company info

We are BouggieBrussels and our concept is about: ‘recycled candles’. We sell 100% biological and natural candles, in recycled bottles, which are completely durable and last two times longer than another (normal) candle. It is a very funny concept and at the same time also a “green concept” thanks to the recycled bottles, it’s also 100% natural (the matero to make those candles). This is how it works: you take used bottles of wines/gins/champagnes/wodka/etc. (empty bottles). Then you cut them in half or in 1/3th and at the end, you make a candle out of it. Our name is BouggieBrusels, simply because we will sell candles and we work from Brussels. The core values of the business are: providing high – quality personalized candles and encouraging sustainability.

Contact us:
tel. 02
Ondernemingsnr. ODISSEE
Bachelor in Business Management-Marketing

• High quality of the candles
• Durable
• Green concept (100 % natural)
• Personalized
• Recycled bottles

From partnerships with nightclubs, restaurants and wine dealers because it’s a win-win. In the first place, it is beneficial for them, because they can save on stockage costs (otherwise they have a basement full of empty bottles). Eventually we can also source them from people that we know (family, friends, etc.).

Partnership with :
 • Partnership with Huis Vossen wijnen
• Partnership with Het Wijnatelier (Vlezenbeek). They organize open days, tastings, you can also hire meeting spaces, etc. so there will be a ‘flow’ of empty bottles that we can use.  

Our local shops are easily accessible by car and are served by an excellent public transport network in Brussels.